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Wellbeing Wednesdays at RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate

New for 2019 I’m very excited to be leading yoga classes and a series of health & wellbeing mini-courses at glorious RHS Harlow Carr gardens in Harrogate. All sessions will be based in the fully accessible Bramall Learning Centre providing a great opportunity for everyone to improve their health and vitality in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.

Morning Dru Yoga classes from 9th January 2019

9.30-10.45am or 11am-12.15

Bramall Learning Centre, RHS Harlow carr, Harrogate

For all dates and booking codes and details please see further down page

We’re offering a couple of taster classes and winter wellness sessions in January and then from 27th February both the yoga classes and wellbeing mini-courses will be bookable in terms of 4 weeks. NB The yoga classes do not necessarily follow the same theme as the wellbeing sessions though there may be some natural overlap. To book your place and for all booking and venue enquiries please call the RHS Booking team on 020 3176 5830 quoting the Event code in brackets below. If you have enquiries as to suitability of the yoga, feel free to contact me directly.

Please note the sessions are partly intended to create added value for local RHS members (hence the pricing) so if you’re not a member yet, this would be a great way of trialling a membership for the year! There’s also lots of other great courses on offer from horticulture to willow weaving, photography and other arts and crafts which you can check out in the 2019 Harlow Carr online brochure. 

Wellbeing Wednesday sessions at RHS Harlow Carr from 9th January 1-3pm

9th January 2019      New Year Health & Happiness 1-3pm (15098)  Taster session £15 RHS/£20 non-RHS
Practical tips, nutrition and wellbeing advice for your best year ahead yet.                

16th January 2019    Herbal Wellbeing for Winter Wellness 1-3pm (15100)  Taster session £15 RHS/£20 non-RHS
Herbal teas and remedies to ward off the winter chills and warm your cockles

27 Feb, 6 Mar, 13 Mar & 20 March       Discover Dru Yoga 4 week course 1-3pm (15104)
Ideal for beginners. Includes around 60 min of well-guided movement and breath work (with time for explanations and modifications) and a 20 min restorative relaxation plus time for tea, yoga chat and refreshment afterwards. Suitable for all ages and abilities
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

27 Mar, 3 Apr, 10 Apr & 17 April          Natural Energy & Vitality 4 week course 1-3pm (15106)
Discover over 4 weeks how to optimise your energy levels with practical herbal and lifestyle advice including diet & exercise and tips for a goodnights sleep. Includes making your own ‘springtime’ tea blend, a smoothie making session and a herb walk.
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

1 May, 8 May, 15 May & 22 May          Digestive Health 4 week course 1-3pm (15108)
Practical sessions to help you understand and improve your digestion including advice on herbal remedies, diet & movement, gut flora and stress-related issues. Includes a herb walk and making your own digestive herbal tea blend.
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

5 Jun, 12 Jun, 19 Jun & 26 June         Relax and Restore 4 week course 1-3pm (15111)
4 gorgeous sessions of natural wellbeing, relaxation advice and restorative remedies including herbs, yoga and nutrition to help address stress, anxiety and sleeping issues and promote inner balance and calm. Includes a herb walk and making your own relaxing herbal tea blend and massage/bath oil.
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

3 Jul, 10 Jul,17 Jul & 24 July               Womens Wellness 4 week course 1-3pm (15114)
Discover over 4 weeks a treasure chest of herbs and natural wellbeing and lifestyle advice specific to womens health to support and balance all stages of womanhood. Includes a herb walk and making your own balancing herbal tea blend.
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

4 Sep, 11 Sept& 18 Sept only             Make your own Herbal Remedies 3 week course 1-3pm (15117)
Over 3 sessions, learn how to make herbal tinctures, infusions, decoctions and syrups and macerated oils to create your own herbal remedies at home.
£45 RHS/£60 non-RHS for all 3 sessions

2 Oct, 9 Oct, 16 Oct & 23 Oct              Older, Wiser, Stronger 4 week course 1-3pm (15119)
Discover how to keep your body and mind strong and flexible with practical sessions on diet, supplement and lifestyle options plus herbal remedies and yoga specific for the over 50s. Includes a herb walk and making your own memory boosting herbal tea blend and joint massage oil.
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

6 Nov, 13 Nov, 20 Nov & 27 Nov           Stay Happy & Healthy Winter wellness 4 week course 1-3pm (15122)
Beat the winter blues and keep the colds and chills at bay with 4 sessions of protective, immune and mood boosting natural wellbeing advice to keep your cockles warm all through the cold season includes herbal remedies, nourishing seasonal dietary advice and gentle yoga. Also includes a herb walk and making your own ‘cold and flu’ herbal tea blend.
£60 RHS/£80 non-RHS for all 4 sessions

Morning Yoga Classes dates and booking codes
Tel RHS booking team on 020 3176 5830

9th January 2019      9.30-10.45am (15097) or 11am-12.15 (15123)  Taster session £7.50 RHS/£15 non-RHS

16th January 2019    9.30-10.45am (15099) or 11am-12.15 (15124) Taster session £7.50 RHS/£15 non-RHS


27 Feb, 6 Mar,         9.30-10.45am (15103) or 11am-12.15 (15125)

13 Mar & 20 March  £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes


27 Mar, 3 Apr,          9.30-10.45am (15105) or 11am-12.15 (15126)

10 Apr & 17 April     £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes


1 May, 8 May,           9.30-10.45am (15107) or 11am-12.15 (15127)

15 May & 22 May     £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes


5 Jun, 12 Jun,           9.30-10.45am (15110) or 11am-12.15 (15128)

19 Jun & 26 June      £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes


3 Jul, 10 Jul,               9.30-10.45am (15113) or 11am-12.15 (15129)

17 Jul & 24 July         £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes


4 Sep, 11 Sept            9.30-10.45am (15116) or 11am-12.15 (15130)

& 18 Sept only           £22.50 RHS/£45 non-RHS for block of 3 classes


2 Oct, 9 Oct,              9.30-10.45am (15118) or 11am-12.15 (15131)

16 Oct & 23 Oct         £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes


6 Nov, 13 Nov,           9.30-10.45am (15121) or 11am-12.15 (15132)

20 Nov & 27 Nov       £30 RHS/£60 non-RHS for block of 4 classes

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